Bed Bug & Germ Removal

Steam Cleaning for Bed Bugs

They’re everyone’s living nightmare: bed bugs in your home. They often go undetected until their numbers are great enough to be spotted under the covers. Many would probably consider throwing out their mattresses completely, but even if you had the money to replace them, there’s no guarantee that you’ll successfully move them out of your house. Not without going on the offensive and attacking their surroundings and common hiding places.

Call The Steam Doctors. We are a professional steam cleaning company that has experience with eliminating these pests. We can give you a chance to save your furniture, as well as prevent them from escaping to another corner of your home. Steam is a highly effective and safe solution to killing all bugs and germs in your home.

There are no harsh chemicals needed, no evacuation of the home for poisoning, and no potential damage to your furniture. Steam cleaners get in between the crevices and weavings of mattresses and furniture, which is beyond the reach of standard cleaners. Bed bugs will resist most poison solutions, anyways, they must be killed by extremely high temperatures of at least 160F.

Get a reputable steam cleaner like The Steam Doctors who know how to thoroughly take care of bed bugs and germs in the home. These are very resilient pests that can’t be treated like any other infestation. By using steam over other home/professional solutions, you are using the safest, least damaging, and most environmentally friendly method to sanitize your home from all invaders.

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