The Steam Doctor Testimonials

Hear from our happy customers.

I hired The Steam Doctors to clean the grout in my bathroom. It got so bad I was to embarrassed to allow guests to use my downstairs bathroom. The Steam Doctors did an amazing job without having to use any bleach or chemicals which was incredible. Would definitely recommend them.

David M.

The Steam Doctors have been the only company to thoroughly clean my commercial kitchen without using any chemicals. I have them come out once a week now to clean all the rough areas that are left over after our daily cleanings. Great company with great morals.

Arthur K.

The Steam Doctors asked me to let others know about my experience hiring them to clean my floors. I think the image of my beautifully cleaned hardwood floor says more than I can put in words. I’ve had to request a bunch of business cards because every time I have guests over they ask about who cleans my hardwood!



This was probably the best car wash I’ve gotten and it was in the quickest amount of time. Also, I was happy to see that certain parts of my interior was fully cleaned out when I thought it was impossible staining. Had a great experience and will be coming back regularly.

Beth A.