How it Works

Learn how and why The Steam Doctor works!

We use a revolutionary saturated dry steam system.

Saturated dry steam is a specific state of steam in which no water parts are present; such a situation occurs in the border area between saturated steam and superheated steam.

What does “saturated dry steam” mean?

When the water is heated above 100° C (212° F), it is converted into steam. At 140° C (285° F) steam contains large amount of moisture. “Saturated dry steam” means the water is totally converted into dry steam and exceeds 160° C (320° F).

This dry steam allows us to clean almost any surface without damaging it because no pressure is needed and it cant get to some of the most stubborn stains. Check out some of the additional benefits of our steam system below:

  • fast dissolving
  • disinfecting
  • bacteria eradicating
  • odor neutralization
  • human health and environment protection from chemicals
  • easier, faster, and more ecologically clean!

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